My Secret Garden

Sunday, David and I went to Al’s Nursery over in Sherwood where we purchased about twenty-five different vegetable, fruit and herb starts for our garden(s). David and his cousin Joel had built two 3×15 foot raised beds the previous weekend and we were excited to finally be able to plant. Next to these beds sits an old ground bed that he had used the previous year  and we’d use for overflow. On our deck sits 4 barrel flower beds and a beautiful old cart of some sorts that we decided to drill holes in, lay down mesh, and create a lettuce and herb bed with it. Since we didn’t really have much of a spring to plant and the drastic weather conditions of going from cold to several 75-80 degree days over the last week, we weren’t too sure on exactly what to plant. So, we decided to try pretty much everything.

Three of the barrel

Our raised bed gardens and the overflow garden to the left

One of the many things I love about David is our mutual love of food and our dream of one day being sustainable from the farm. We love spending hours in the kitchen together altering recipes to fit our personal taste buds. For instance, last night we made gluten-free pizzas that actually tasted wonderful. Since I try to eat mostly gluten-free, David has been eating a lot of quinoa pasta and other various gluten-free options. Together, we keep each other balanced with our love of all things food related and we are excited for the abundance and variety that will be coming out of our garden(s). And for those of you who will be visiting over the course of the summer, fully expect to leave with your share.

I feel really lucky to get to learn about all the vegetable, fruit, and herb varieties and watch as my efforts come into fruition. Getting my hands dirty harvesting my own food sources and feeding my body nutritious items that I know exactly where they came from is something I’ve always dreamed of doing.

Our lettuce

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2 Responses to My Secret Garden

  1. Gina says:

    Someday…I will harvest my own salad from my garden! I love your new life;)

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