Green Thumb Master…well, sort of

“I’m not really a career person. I’m a gardener, basically.”– George Harrison

Well, I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a gardener yet. Truth is, I’ve never really had a green thumb. In fact, once when I planted a tomato plant at the house I was living at I forgot to water it (the whole time) and although it still grew and produces tasty bright red tomatoes, I had little to do with it. I remember growing up and watching my mom work in the yard and dreamed of the day that I would have one to call my own so I too could try my hand at being a gardener. Slowly but surely, I do believe my thumb is turning a little greener every day.

Sunday David and I went back to the nursery with the goal of getting flowers for a couple of pots we have on the deck. As you can see from the picture we ended up leaving with a whole cab full of fun things to play with.

What we came home with

We ended up replanting the hedge along the walkway up to the front door with Dwarf Boxwoods. I remember my mom planted these along our walkway at our house growing up and I loved the way they looked, especially because my mom kept them nice and pruned . I remember they grew to be really tall. Mental note: remember to prune.

The may look small but these grow to be quite tall if you let them

We bought three hanging plants because well, to be honest, when I looked at our two carts full of flowers I became a little overwhelmed and decided it was best to just buy them ‘pre-made’. There is always next year after all.

I’ve learned several things from the last week and a half of planting, gardening, and watching our work grow. The first being that I really do not know much about gardening but thanks to the internet, I am learning a little more each day. It’s a romantic idea to think that all the knowledge I need is right there within me but reality is, it’s actually right inside our house in that big information highway called the internet. Google, excuse me, Bing has been used a lot this week. I’ve also finally been able to remember the difference between an annual and a perennial and as intuitive or obvious as it may be to some, for me annual would come back every year and perennial would die back at the end of the season. That is not the case though. You’ve been warned. And last, even though there are moments I wonder if I really have it in me to be a green thumb master, when I went out to our garden the other morning and saw the little bits of green poking through the soil that will soon be carrots and beets, I realized that I do. I definitely have it in me.

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One Response to Green Thumb Master…well, sort of

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful work. I know who to call when we start to work on our own yard. I love the blog too. It is nice to get a chance to keep up on what you are up to so far away.

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