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more fun with mason jars

I recently found the site Ready Made and WOW, what a fantastic little find. To follow-up on my post, What’s In My Mason Jar, I discovered this article on the site called 10 Things to Do with Mason Jars Besides Store Stuff. There are … Continue reading

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finished project: antique dresser

Awhile ago I purchased an old antique dresser from Craigslist. You can find it in my perfect little finds section here, or just look at the before and after pictures below. I liked the color it was but since it … Continue reading

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i have cornmeal pie in my big blue eyes

One of the things I love most about living in the country also happens be one of the things I dislike most. Particularly when it’s necessary to make a quick jaunt into town for something you forgot to pick up … Continue reading

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sweet peaches, basil, and coconut ice cream

Yesterday we went to the Hillsdale Farmer’s Market in SW Portland. By far the best market to date. The street was lined with local venders with stands full of fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade pastas (gluten-free options too), homemade cheeses, … Continue reading

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country road

There is a strip of country road I drive often to get to town. It has some of my favorite views although, it’s hard to say it’s not all beautiful. For me, there’s nothing like driving down an old country … Continue reading

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apples, cherries, walnuts oh my!

When I first moved to the farm I knew that we had a couple of apple trees and a few cherry trees but as everything is coming into full bloom, I am realizing that a couple is more like many. … Continue reading

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what to do with a $2 picture frame

Interior design is still somewhat intimidating to me. But, growing up with a Custom Homes Contractor father and an Interior Designer mother, I figure there has to be a creative side somewhere in me as well. I love the idea … Continue reading

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