Fields of Lavender

On Sunday, David and I went to check out a few of the lavender farms here in Yamhill County. Our first stop was Woodland Lavender, a picturesque piece of property that sits high above the valley overlooking farms and vineyards.

(A majority, if not all of these photos were taken by David)

David captured me walking down a row of lavender

Woodland Lavender Farm

Woodland Lavender Farm

The next farm we went to was Willakenzie Lavender Farm & Gift Shop. This place, if anything, should be seen for its lanscaping alone. Hours upon hours of hard work went into this estate and the cute baby Alpachas that rest out in the barn are an added bonus.

One single yellow flower amongst rows and rows of purple at Willakenzie Lavender Farm

The last farm we went to, Wild Rain Farm, was nestled between a hillside and the North Yamhill River. A private oasis in the middle of nowhere. David and my dream!

Wild Rain Farm

True, this is now lavender but it was taken on Wild Rain farm out front and I think worthy of being viewed

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11 Responses to Fields of Lavender

  1. mewithmycamera says:

    I like the purple & white stare down, beautiful, excellent work!

  2. Gina says:

    Wow, beautful photos! You should frame the one he took of you, so pretty!

  3. teri Capalby says:

    Beautiful hon, we went to the lavender fields up in Sequim too, so pretty…….

  4. jsh0608 says:

    Stunning photos. Congrats on being FP!!! :0)

  5. I love lavender! I love the composition of your pictures as well. What so you use for a camera? Beautiful job Amanda!

  6. murphysrun says:

    Great images. Truly. Congrats!

  7. Palermo says:

    Oh, that is such a beautiful landscape.

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