my oh my, guess who’s playing fantasy football

For a girl who use to do cartwheels in center field during softball games and braid her teammates hair, committing to play fantasy football with my boyfriend and his family and friends was a decision that didn’t come easy for me. For one, I really am not a big sports fan. I grew up in a house that was, for lack of a better word, obsessed with sports. Most of our family dinners consisted of congregating in the living room while the Seattle Seahawks or the Mariners (the first time Griffey Jr was around) blasted on our big late 1980’s the big screen TV.

I would pretend I was watching, trying desperately to fit in, longing every single minute that I was upstairs reading one of my RL Stine books or better yet, petting my cat. Eventually, I gave in, snuck away and once again, I would be lost next time a game was on. But to my credit, I have tried over the years. I can distinguish a few differences from various sports. I know what a pigskin is and what RBI means but honestly, that really is the extent of my sports knowledge. But, I love my boyfriend and I promised him I’d try to get into sports, at least football, considering the only way I will be spending Sunday afternoon with him from September to January is on the couch watching the game(s). And because he has endured many hours of my reality TV addiction, mainly, Real Housewives.

So here I go. I’m attempting to join in on the fun. I’m playing Fantasy Football. My brothers will be proud or at least give me credit for trying. So here is to the Tittsburg Feelers! May they come out a little ahead or at least not in last.

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3 Responses to my oh my, guess who’s playing fantasy football

  1. teri Capalby says:

    so funny hon, way to go to try and be a good sport…..I know how you feel though……Yeah Tittsburg Feelers…I will be rootin for ya! i t might be easier to to be involved when you know the players you have and they are winning and in the end I think there is money involved……….

  2. Gina says:

    Mickey is super into sports as well, especially football (although a New England/Boston fan!) I found that I don’t actually mind watching football with him, I try to make more of an event out of it…cooking yummy food and getting to know who the players are. Your mama is right, it’s definitely more fun (or tolerable) to watch if you know the players:)

    • Amanda says:

      I know, I’m actually getting somewhat excited for football season. If anything for the food and just to have the background noise that is so familiar from my childhood. But I’m sure I’ll get into it especially when there is $$ on the line 🙂

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