feature friday – affairs of living

I often envy people with an iron stomach (my boyfriend) because the slightest thing can send mine into fits of rage so brutal I’m left curled up in fetal position praying for some relief.

About six years ago I had part of my large intestine removed leaving me with a finicky gut and an off digestive tract. Three years ago while visiting my Natural-pathic doctor I was discussing my issues and she suggested I get some food allergy test done. After a series of unpleasant test and a two month-long cleanse involving very little foods and no alcohol, I found out I was allergic to potatoes and anything derived from them which means just about everything. Did you know potato starch is in toothpaste? I’m also intolerant to citric acid and wheat.

All in all it’s not a life or death allergy but enough to make my throat tighten and belly upset when consumed in decent amounts. You will still find me sneaking a french fry from David’s plate now and then and I’m not the best at looking over the ingredients on my toothpaste containers or any container for that matter. I usually know when I start using it and my mouth begins to tingle and slowly becomes numb.

I found Affairs of Living when I was looking for a recipe to make a blackberry crisp that was gluten-free and low in sugar. Kim, the author, has Chronic Lyme Disease which gives her a laundry list of allergies and food intolerance causing her to have a very specific diet.

I find Affairs of Living a great resource for those of us who need to eat a little different but also for everyone in general who want to live a little healthier.

On a side note, the last few weeks have been crazy busy. I’m leaving for Vegas this weekend but I plan to jump back into the full swing of blogging when I return. Some funny stories and updates from the farm to come.

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2 Responses to feature friday – affairs of living

  1. Renee says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have a touchy tummy too and will have to check out Affairs of Living. I try to be so aware of what I am eating and still get into tummy trouble land every once in a while. Until you have lived something like this it is hard to understand (my spouse thank goodness is patient). Have a Great Labor Day Weekend and Enjoy Your Upcoming Trip:) Cannot wait to hear what is going on around the farm.

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