David and I came home from Las Vegas the other night (a story in itself) and the next morning when I checked on the garden, I was pleasantly surprised to see some of our tomatoes starting to turn juicy red and some of our beets and carrots ready to pull.

I spent some time this morning clipping back the tomatoes as they were starting to take over the world. I’m not exactly sure how to describe the feeling but there is something so  gratifying about getting my hands dirty and analyzing the fruits of my labor. Why did this happen?  When am I suppose to pull these or clip that? I’m still so new to gardening and there so much to learn. I know what I’ll do different next year and I’m looking forward to laying out my plan.

I’m also learning the many benefits of a home garden. Along with our cost of groceries reduced by about half, it’s so nice being able to walk outside and pick what you want to have for supper. And although at times the garden can get a little overwhelming and you may wonder how the hell you are going to eat everything, in the end, to me it outweighs the alternative.

And hey, if anything else, it helps me remember to eat my carrots.

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2 Responses to hands

  1. I have been gardening for years, and have never lost that intense satisfaction and thankfulness I feel every time I walk out to pick something for supper. It’s awesome!

  2. tita buds says:

    What a wonderful thing to read on a Sunday afternoon (where I’m at). We have our own tiny backyard garden but its planted with onions, some herbs, chilies (for we love our chilies) and other stuff that we would otherwise have to buy too many of at the market. Nothing like fresh aromatics on freshly cooked food. 🙂

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