my favorite season

September has pretty much come and gone and October is sneaking up on us. It’s okay though because this happens to be, hands down, my favorite time of year as I think it is for most Pacific North-Westerners I’ve talked to.

I always love that late August day when either my mom or I call each other and one of us says “it’s here” and we both know exactly what the other means. Fall is here. It happens around the same time every year, August 22nd, my brothers birthday. It still may be warm during the day but the early mornings and evenings have a crispness to it that screams warm apple cider, the sweet smell of autumn leaves, carved pumpkins, football, and warm sweaters. And I absolutely love it!

The last month and a half has left me longing for a slower pace and cozy days on the couch watching Lifetime television while cuddling up by the fire. To be honest, I think the last three-months have left  me longing for this. What a summer. Though I’m not complaining, I am a bit of a home body and haven’t spent a full day at home in six weeks. Bachelorette parties, Vegas (and my 31st birthday), wedding, oh my! An amazing time was had but now I say bring on the stew simmering on the stove, the crisp sunny fall mornings, cooking with apples, pumpkins and squash galore, and all new episodes of my favorite TV shows! Finally all my questions from season finales will be answered.

So my friends, let the clouds (not rain) roll in and my spot on the couch stay warm cause it’s gonna be a great long fall!

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2 Responses to my favorite season

  1. I am right there with you. I can’t wait for Fall…although in California it takes a bit longer to get here. Yesterday it was still 98 degrees! Makes it hard to pull those sweaters out! Although it doesn’t seem to matter how hot it is, we still long for a warm fire and comfort food. My daughter picked out winter pajamas, a coat, and a warm poncho at Target yesterday! I told her…let’s wait just a bit longer…like when we actually stop sweating at 7 a.m. and my electric bill returns to some sort of sane figure! Enjoy your Fall and send a little bit of it South!

  2. tita buds says:

    This post makes me want to make some soup and snuggle on the couch. What a cozy read! 🙂

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