feature friday – herbivoracious

I’ve never really been one to crave meat products but as active as I am, I’ve always thought I needed to consume some amount of lean protein so I’ve always eaten it. Minus the few times I’ve tried going vegetarian only to fail…miserably (and gain 10 lbs), I’ve always eaten chicken, turkey, red meat, and pork but never really felt great after doing so. Not to mention that I am a lover of all animals and would try to save just about anything if I was permitted to do so, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to be a carnivore and I’ve always struggled with that aspect as well.

The other misconception I struggled with was the notion I’d be missing out on necessary nutrient such as B12, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, and Omega Fatty Acids if I skipped out on meat.  In reality, these vitamins and minerals are more prevalent in various dried fruits and leafy green vegetables then in a hunk of red meat.

Recently we’ve tried to significantly cut the amount of meat and dairy products we eat in this household while still keeping things interesting in the kitchen. We’ve been consuming lots of beans, rice, quinoa, roasted vegetables, and fruits and feeling a lot more energetic with doing so. We’ve both leaned out, started running again, and my skin has cleared up completely. Now we’re not going around calling ourselves vegetarian or vegan for that matter. I’m sure there will be moments when curiosity (or our taste buds) will get he best of us. But we are happier knowing that we are living, for us, a healthier lifestyle that meets our needs.

With all this being said, today’s Feature Friday is a blog dedicated to vegetarian. Michael Natkin, a native of my hometown Seattle, specializes in reinventing vegetarian cuisine in his blog, Herbivoracious.  He is also in the process of writing a cookbook scheduled to be released in Spring of 2012. He’s blog had me at Coconut Rice with Black Beans, Plantains, and Mango Salsa and that he included a Gluten-Free section makes me feel all warm and fuzzy with gratitude. I hope you enjoy looking through his various recipes and perhaps it will inspire you as well!

Now the tough part, what the heck are we going to do with 22 chickens? Who wants a chicken?

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6 Responses to feature friday – herbivoracious

  1. Gina says:

    You should check out Peas & Thank You, a vegan blog from Portland. The writer just relased a cook book and I’ve made a ton of her recipes…all really good!

  2. I’m honored to be featured, Amanda. Thanks a million!

  3. Eggs are a good source of protein. Do they still fit in your diet? If so, you can still keep your chickens.

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