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It seems like almost every other day I’m hearing of someone else who was recently diagnosed with cancer. It really breaks my heart. As someone who comes from a family of many cancer survivors, I find myself often thinking about that nasty ‘C’ word and all the causes, the various treatments, what I would do if I was ever diagnosed.

It also seems like more and more young adults are being diagnosed and there are more and more blogs dedicated to the fight. Isn’t that sad? On one hand its wonderful that people choose to write about their journey publicly so others can relate, understand, and see what one goes through to fight for their life. On the other hand, its terrifying to realize that so many people need to do so. That there are so many blogs, websites, cancer researches, treatment options, surgery options, diets, and more terrifying of all, deaths.

Awhile back my friend forwarded me a link to a blog written by a young woman in her early twenties who was treating a rare form of cancer called Epitheloioid Sarcoma in her left hand and arm. After trying the conventional route of having a high dose of chemo pumped through her, Jessica’s scans showed she was cancer free. Unfortunately, this lasted less than a year. Suddenly she was faced with the decision of whether or not to amputate her left arm just below the shoulder for a better chance of survival. Jessica felt they’re had to be another solution and after declining her doctor’s recommendation, she and her family began the journey of researching alternative treatment options and came across The Gerson Therapy.

Jessica. This picture was taken from
The Wellness Warrior site.

Now I feel like I should make a disclaimer here. I don’t necessarily believe everyone should only follow the alternative route when fighting cancer or any other disease. I believe there is a place for all medicine and am featuring this blog on my site because I want everyone to understand that. I believe your diet and the way you take care of yourself is just as important as your treatment in fighting cancer and other diseases. It really comes down to understanding everything that is going into your body and why.

I really like this blog for a few reasons. I’m inspired by Jessica’s courage to listen to her instinct and do what felt right for her. I also really love the information she provides in her post. She offers up everything from information on The Gerson Therapy itself to well researched facts on cancer, treatments, diet, exercise, and the mind-body relationship, to name a few.

No one knows how they will react if they get that dreaded news. Nobody should have to get that news at all. Now we all have one more resource for ourselves, for loved ones, for everyone! So check out The Wellness Warrior.

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One Response to feature friday – the wellness warrior

  1. Renee says:

    Thanks for sharing this post with all of us readers out there. The “C” word is an ugly word. I do know people fighting right now as well as survivors holding on strong. I live with an immune disease and it has its moments. It is so important to be in tune with your body and live a healthy lifestyle; however, sometimes you have no control either – thank goodness for modern medicine and alternative options available. Have a Great Weekend:)

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